Brass Tacks: CapTexTri

Credit: Donnie Eckhoff (Superfan)

Total time: 01:44:54 (Goal 1:50:00) (just 3:36 longer than Lake Travis Tri!)
Swim time:  15:35 (Goal 15min)
Transition 1 time: 04:19(Goal 5min)
Ride time: 47:49 (Goal 60min)
Transition 2 time: 2:59 (Goal 5min)
Run time: 34:13 (Goal 30min)

Overall place: 427/(not sure how many total competitors)

Waiting for the Fun
Credit: Donnie Eckhoff (Superfan)

Lows: The nerves waiting for the race to start (750 meters looked FAR!); the loooong transitions (transition area was hard for me to get to, get around, and get out of); the wind, my terrible run pace (I’m resolving now to really work for a sub-30:00 5K)

Highs: Feeling great on the swim, biking much faster than I ever have (15.8MPH!), feeling like an avatar in Gran Turismo biking through downtown, finishing strong with NO blisters, the fans.

Credit: Donnie Eckhoff (superfan)

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