National Running Day Part 1

In honor of National Running Day, an after being dis-honored by my recent abysmal running performance, I’m re-committing to run training. What does this mean? SHOPPING. So, I already have the Vibram Five Fingers, and I’m planning on integrating them into my P90X workouts for Plyometric Day and Speed Drill Day (on what would normally be “Pull Up Day”). But I think it’s clear that we can never (hear me Santa Clause, NEVER) have enough work out gear. So for mid-length summer runs (longer than reps of 400 meters, shorter than 5-7 miles), I’m thinking about a mid-level minimalist shoe. Which raises the debate: Which one?


Nike Free 3.0
Jacked From:
  • NikeId Customizable colors
  • NikeId Puts your NAME on the tongue!
  • Have loved Nike in the past (First serious pair of running shoes)
  • BUT have had trouble with Nike in the past (Nike+ thinking .25 mile = 1 mile)
  • $115.00


Jacked From:
  • Your Reebok Customizable Colors
  • NO name on the tongue or anywhere else on the shoe
  • Have enjoyed Reebok in the past (Wore my EasyTones helping a friend move and was actually sore – in a good way!)
  • NO experience with Reebok for running
  • $115.00
The fact alone that they are the same price has spun me into an ambivalent wishy-washy place, since usually I’m overwhelmingly convinced by a good deal. I definitely want to customize, because that’s just awesome (even though neither company offers my signature color – CORAL – don’t they know it’s so hot right now?) Clearly, Blobs, I need your help. Does anyone have experience comparing these two shoes, or are you in love or in hate with either one? Vote.


I went with – NEITHER!

Came so close to ordering the Free online, but got a chance to try it on first. Good thing I did because they just did not work for me. Lucky for me, Mac at Luke’s Locker always knows what’s up. Little did I know that Brooks has a minimalist shoe! Feels hustling the kick I love, only about 80lbs lighter! Score!


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  1. I say they are running shows and you are going to be replacing them fairly often so spending $100+ seems silly. I have never liked niked due to how narrow their shoes are. I prefer New Balance, they are cheaper and they have always been comfortable and I have also never gotten blisters in them. I am more function over form when it comes to shoes though, who needs to run in style.

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