June Gloom

Well, that was an epic fail.

Even thought I really hate that stinkin’ omnipresent, over-used, meaningless fanboy phrase (“Uh dude. Epic fail. [Beavis-and-Butthead Style Chuckle]“), but I’m willing to use it here.  Of my JUNE 2011 goals, I accomplished approximately, well, none.  I did start doing some P90X, but not the daily workouts I posted on the JUNE 2011 goals page.  I decided that I am resigned to weight training, resistance training, and plyometrics with the steely resolve generally reserved for chugging a glass of Benefiber.  It’s good for you, you should do it, you’re not pumped about it.  I will cross train, but I don’t have to be passionate about it. 

Tough-Talking Benefiber
Jacked From: http://www.benefiber.com with SOME editing

I guess it’s not really a TOTAL loss, since P90X has given way to something that brings a bit more excitement: Triathlon Training.  When I set up the Bloblessness Project 2011, I anticipated having one major fitness goal per quarter.  It started with the Half Marathon, then the first big Triathlon, then Completing P90X, then another Half Marathon.  I didn’t expect to really love the Triathlon.  I definitely didn’t expect to have done three of them instead of just one.  And I’m floored by the fact that even after my little three-month season, I’m not ready to be done with Triathlons for this year yet.

Jacked From: http://www.gadgetreview.com wtih SOME editing

So, I modified blew off the JUNE 2011 workouts, and instead came up with something that approximated a compromise.  I did three days a week of P90X: Plyo, Kenpo, and Yoga.  Then I did three days a week of Triathlon: Swim, Run, Bike.  I’ve got to say it’s actually worked out quite well, primarily, I think, because I’ve allowed myself to think I’m cheating on Tony Horton with Triathlon training.  (Hey, whatever mental image you need, right?)  I’m going to continue this modified training schedule and add in brick workouts for JULY 2011, since I’m looking to do another race at the end of the month.  As for the JUNE 2011 goal of calling three old friends a week, well, that’s just an epic fail.


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