Manifest Mondays: Energy In, Energy Out

But enough about me . . . .

Ship in need in a Raging Storm
Credit: Wikipedia, De Windstoot – A ship in need in a raging storm

I missed Sunset Vinyasa this week since the holiday fell on Monday.  I guess that means this was Manifest Wednesday, but whatever.  Turns out that missing Monday night yoga was more than just a disappointing who-moved-my-cheese disruption in my hair-brained schedule.  I really could have used some serious centering this week, for myself, but there are other things, too.  In past weeks I have been very focused on drawing in toward myself different energy – balancing energy, self-confident energy, get-off-the-couch-and-do-anything energy.  And I have benefitted mightily from these past intentions.  But now it’s time to reach beyond my own boundary, to get out from behind my own nose, and see that there are other people (another person in particular) who need this positive energy. 

This week I am focusing outward.

I admit that I am not an expert on meditation, manifestation, intention, psychic energy, prayer, or – let’s face it – anything really.  I have experienced a lot of positive energy in my life, which I associate in no small way with setting intention, powerful focus, and positive attraction.  But I don’t know a dang thing about intending a result for someone other than the intender.  Can a manifest or bring about results for a separate manifestee? 

I’m skeptical and, frankly, doubtful that I could manifest an exact result for another person.  In some way, I think it is really impossible to want for someone something that the person does not want for themselves.  That is, no matter how earnestly I meditate, manifest, intend, energize, and pray for a result for some other person, I expect no result if the object of my attention does not as earnestly meditate, manifest, intend, energize, and pray for that result for themselves.  Kind of like, “help those who help themselves.”  Or “help me help you.”  (Only a little less obnoxious, right?)

I think we all know that you’ve got to be willing to give if you want also to receive.  After recent weeks of drawing energy into myself, it’s time now to think less on what I can get, and more on what I can give.  At the beginning of nearly every yoga practice, the teacher, whoever that may be, generally spends several minutes drawing our focus to the breath.  In and out, the same amount of focus on each action, none is greater than the other. 

This week my intention is to give back as much (or more) than I take.

A crashing wave, Atlantic ocean,
Image via Wikipedia

I have been breathing only in, and in, and in.  Sure, I have exhaled here and there, out of necessity really, but without matching focus, purpose, and intent to the inhales.  So this week my yoga mantra is: Energy in, Energy Out.  I stop using the exhale to just expel that which is of no use to me anymore.  I start using the exhale to its fuller potential, to push great energy I create on my own out into the world beyond myself.  I focus sharply on the object of my intention, a person who needs energy, healing, comfort, power, and positivity.  I have these things;  I receive these things; I create these things, but I rarely if ever dispatch them. 

I see these things – those which I have drawn in to myself, and those which I am powerful enough to create on my own – swelling together in a great swirling tide of energy.  Rising up and up, cresting so sharply as to give off an exuberant mist of hopeful excitement at the very apex of energy within my own self, I create a neap pull of all the energy within my control and finally, with an exhale, the crest runs over, curling powerfully upon itself and outward toward its object, washing over the object in a way that is forceful and strong but awash with a loving embrace of sudsy sea-foam.  After the wavebreak, the object remains rooted in the stiffening wet sand, sandblasted away are “I can’t,” “I’m tired,” and weakness, and sickness.  Remaining upright, the object is only tall, and strong, and healthy, and happy, and loved.  As the energy draws away from the object and back toward me with a long slow inhale, there is preparation for another wave.

Receding Wave
Image by Donald Macleod via Flickr

And another, and another.

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