Revision is Just Re-Vision

When I laid out The Bloblessness Project at the beginning of this year, I set goals hoping to get in four quarterly athletic events – 12 weeks to train, then and event. I had planned on the Austin Half Marathon, the CapTexTri, P90X, and the San Antonio Rock and Roll Half Marathon. So pretty, so symmetrical, so organized. What I didn’t anticipate was sort of falling in love with the sport of triathlon. I did anticipate hating P90X all over again and –as you know – I’ve officially discontinued that effort. So, to get back on track with fitness, with being inspired, with reaching high, and with working hard, I’ve registered for a race! Austin Triathlon, Labor Day, it is so on!

The course is pretty similar to CapTex Tri, which is why I think more than just completion is in order here. I’m feeling a PR (personal record) on this one. But getting there won’t be easy. Coming off of 60 days of near total inactivity, I’m the blobbiest I have been all year. So, for the next month it’s pedal-to-the-medal status to get ready for this race. More on the training details here.

Sometimes it can be hard to make a change, to deviate from your original path, to revise your goals even. The difficulty derives at least in part from having to admit that you were misguided, mistaken, misdirected in the first place. That can be tough. But maybe it doesn’t have to be that way. To get all twisted up in the fact that your first aim wasn’t right does precious little to move you forward. You don’t have to compare the old goal to the new goal. Last in time rules, here, and in fact the new goal is the only goal. Since you’ve moved beyond your first plan, it really doesn’t exist anymore. As I’ve heard, the mind can only hold one conscious thought at any given time – make it a positive one. The only thing that keeps the old goal in your life is that you keep thinking about it.

Find what brings you Joy and go there.
Jacked from: Ad for Luke's Locker in Austin Fit Magazine July 2011

So here’s to realignment, refocusing, and re-vision!


Blobservations of your own?

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