Water? Blech!

What is it about water that makes water almost unbearable to drink without the addition of carbonation and the Coca-Cola secret recipe? I’ve never been a water toter. You know the ones. People who are never – EVER – without a water bottle in hand. I don’t know about you, but I actually need both hands most of the day (how else could I drive, text, re-apply mascara AND give the single-finger salute to whoever that jerk is honking at me?) But lately I’ve gotten even worse.

Water Bottle
Image by Terry Bain via Flickr

A good rule for me had always been 1 water for every 1 non-water (1:1 is easy math. I like that.) But for whatever reason (probably that I ran out of Propel, was too lazy to re-stock, and couldn’t stomach just plain water), I’m not even adhering to the 1-to-1 rule anymore. As I think about it, I can safely say that 97% of all the water I’m taking in now is either filtered through a fine Starbucks grind and blended beautifully with skim milk, or else its run through a barrel of hops and canned in Rockies.

Jacked From: http://www.blog.allgreenrecycling.com with SOME editing.

I had to stop during a recent run. My head was pounding. Pounding! And my vision was fuzzy, and throat felt constricted, and on and on and on. It all culminated in tonsil itching nausea. In the midst of this heinous physical reaction, It became clear to me that I’m de-hydrated. It’s dangerous being dehydrated in any climate, but in Central Texas being dehydrated could be darn near deadly.

Jacked from http://www.usernetsite.com with SOME editing.

It’s not as hard keeping up with the water during a run, since it’s at least refreshing. During a bike ride though, it does kind of mess with your aerodynamics to reach down to get the stupid bottle. During yoga it really puts a hitch in the giddyup since you have to break concentration and stop everything. There’s no sip-asana. And during a swim, it’s tough to get thirsty while you’re hanging out in 30,000 gallons of water. Alright, I’ll face it. Those are just a bunch of BS excuses. I’ve got to get serious about drinking more water. I’m going back to basics, the old school rule of thumb requiring 8 glasses of water a day. It’s more serious than my 1-to-1 rule, but it’s necessary. Gotta do it. Can’t avoid it. No excuses.

Jacked From: http://www.besportier.com with SOME editing

I’m putting the 8 back in Hydr-8-tion. Here goes nothing.

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