It’s Why Not Wednesday!

Why not do something great?

I joke a lot around here about being a blob in fitness, at my job, and in life. Despite the jokes – I really do think resigning yourself to a life of blob is pretty gross, disappointing, and lame. But there’s another kind of blob, too, a blob to beat all blobs. That is the person who can help but won’t. To be lazy about helping others is to be maliciously lazy. The failure to act is an act in itself. If your actions belie who you are – who are you if you do nothing?

Michael C. Hall, Ambassador for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
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Why not do something easy?

Today I skipped my frappucino and croissant and instead I donated just that $5.00 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Light the Night Walk. That’s all I did today, and that’s more than enough. Just $5.00 dollars – not too much, not too complicated, not to demanding – it’s perfectly blob, and it’s perfectly non-blob.

Why not do something non-blob?

Want to de-blob today? Want to do something both great AND easy? Why not help me reach my (totally freaking attainable) $100.00 goal for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk? I’m not saying that you are nothing if you don’t get on board with Light the Night like I did. I’m sure all you non-blobs out there are bloblessly giving hands up in all kinds of amazing ways every day. But for just today, why don’t you do something easy?

Walk as if your life depends on it. Walk because someone's life does.
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Why not consider Light the Night?

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