Sunday Run Brunch Bunch

Best Setup Ever.

Meet new friends at the Hike and Bike Trail nice and early Sunday morning (before the heat goes from unbearable to egregious), and when you finish?  Brunch, of course!  This run is the kick-off to the Return of Run Group!  (If you’ve been following this blog since the Spring, you know what Run Group entails . . . if you haven’t been following this blog since the Spring, more on that to come.)

Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail
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I woke up on time this morning, had my stuff all packed, and got down to the Trail and parked with a few minutes to spare (unheard of, I know).  As I waited, I saw a group of three girls decked in their Lululemon, and since Lululemon is putting on the Run Group, I felt pretty sure those are the girls I’m supposed to be meeting.  But none of the girls from the last Run Group were there, and I didn’t know any of these chicks.  I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t nervous in those initial minutes before approaching the group. “What if they aren’t the Run Group?  They’ll think I’m a freak.”  “What if they are the Run Group and I’m the only one there who doesn’t know everyone.” “They’re obviously faster than me.” “Wait – nobody has their iPod . . . I can’t run without my iPod!”  But then they saw me, made eye contact, and waved me over.  I was stuck.

Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail
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Luckily, of the five of us who showed up this morning, three of us were at the same pace.  This came as quite a surprise to me since last Run Group I didn’t fall in pace-wise with anyone.  One of the girls I ran with did Team in Training for y-e-a-r-s, she’s done a ton of triathlons, and she’s even already done the race I’m lining up to be my major goal for next year (more on that at the launch of The Bloblessness Project 2010).  Lucky for me, she kept us on pace for the run this morning, timed some walk breaks for us, and gave me all kinds of tips about different races.

Magnolia Cafe Pancakes
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So the run was awesome, and afterward — Brunch.  Could it get better?  Even though I’m still in the serious run up to the Austin Tri for the rest of this month, the revival of Run Group has pushed me a little closer to running season.  I’m getting excited for the change of pace, change of focus and (please-oh-please-oh-please) change of weather that comes with the return of run season.  I’m also excited for maintaining the Sunday Run Brunch Bunch as a new highlight of my week!

Here goes nothing.

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