Fake Out the Funk

I took Friday off as a recovery day and since then I’ve been in the blobbiest funk. It’s not just with training either. I had a couple of great posts to get out to make up for the total blog silence last week, but it took forever to get the inspiration to get them fully drafted, and by the time that was done I felt totally sapped and unwilling to tackle the illustration part of it.

Last night after work, TGIF, right? You would think. We had a great night out planned. I had a wonderful time with some friends at a happy hour, but when we got to dinner, I didn’t even care what I ordered, and I barely cared to finish my fancy martini. That was the first sign of a real funk. My failure to pull the blog posts together could have just been laziness, but apathy about a fancy martini (I’m talking edible orchid garnish here) — that’s just not me.


And then this morning, the first long run of Run Group. I woke up in time, got my teeth brushed and my ponytail up, but then just decided I didn’t feel like it. I decided it was ok to sleep past 6:00am at least one day this week and I just went back to bed. I got up again in time for my weekly Saturday morning yoga, got dressed, and even got down to the class. But as I walked up to the door I could see the lights were down, and all the yogis were already reclined and meditating. I triple-checked the time, and I should still have had about 5 minutes to roll my mat out. I guess class started early, or watches weren’t synchronized, or whatever. So I missed yoga.

Now here I am at the coffee shop, slogging through my ritual Saturday morning post-yoga ice blended coffee (it tastes way better post-yoga, by the way). I’m in head to toe spandex; all dressed up with nowhere to go. I admit his rarely happens to me. I’m not an In-A-Funk kind of blob. Sure, I can be a procrastinator blob, or an unfocused-energy kind of blob, but I’m not generally apathetic. I don’t know what’s come over me, or more importantly, what to do about it.


I’m a believer in “Fake it ’til you make it.” Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Slap a smile on, even if it’s the last thing you feel like doing. At some point in the day the smile will stop being pasted-on and start being just real. I think I’ll try to get in a long swim later and just get back in the training groove. (Running today is now totally out since dawn has already broken here in central Texas, meaning the temperature is somewhere between molten-lava and shirtless-Ryan-Gosling hot.)


I’m going to just go throughout the motions and fake being a non-blob until – hopefully – I actually am.


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