You Could Get With This, Or You Could Get With That

It dawned on me: It’s all a state of mind.  It’s this or that.  In a funk or funky fresh.  How long can a funk really last on sales-tax-free weekend?  Where I come from, shopping fixes approximately everything.  Anything shopping won’t fix, a cheeseburger will.  See for yourself:

1. New Shades

I did my time with some starter athletic shades.  Some hard time.  They bounce every step, the pinch after 5 miles, and, let’s face it, look pretty intense.  I even muscled through a run this week sans left earpiece rubber cover.  But really, the loss of the rubber earpiece cover has brought about the inevitable – New. Shades.


2. New Watch

This is actually a case of settling for less that what I really want.  I really want a Garmin Forerunner 310XT.  But I can’t afford it, am not sure I even need it, and definitely have not earned it.  I could also go for a Nike GPS watch.  Even though I could potentially more easily afford it – I’ve floated it past Sideshow Blob a couple times this week to a less than lukewarm response.  So, I settled for a great started watch.  I still think some watch is better than none at all. 

3. New Diet

Look, healthy is healthy and a cheeseburger ain’t healthy.  But sometimes physical health and mental health have precious little to do with one another.  Today, for example, they were in direct conflict.  Physical health would be eating a light and hearty first meal to start the day, nay the weekend, off on the right foot.  Mental health, however, dictated something slightly more satisfying, moderately more comforting, and a hell of a lot more fattening.

4. New Plan

So after a day spent getting my mojo back, I decided to ditch the couch of doom and the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s marathon for a long bike ride.  I think after shopping, comfort-fooding, and long-riding, I’m officially and completely rehabilitated from my fun.



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