Matching Gift Monday

The Light the Night Campaign Continues.

Now that I’m on the seccond-to-bottom-rung, I’m hip to all the cushy benefits you all have probably been privy to since graduating college.  Not the least of which is corporate matching gifts!  Are you guys in on this?

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Many of you may be eligible for matching gifts from you employer and not even know it.  Is there anything more bottom-rung than failing to take advantage of employment benefits available to you?  I think not.  Don’t let yourself blob into complacently accepting mere health, dental, vision, and retirement.  Go for the gold.  Get what you’ve got coming to you up on the second rung.  Get that matching gift!

But what to do with it?  Help a blob out!

I’ve got a $100.00 goal for The Light the Night Walk to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and I need your help to get there.  I need your help, and your company’s help because, let’s face it, I gave up on “less is more” a long time ago.  Any blob appreciates that more is, in fact, more, and twice as much is twice as much.  Make a donation HERE, and then take an extra step and have your company match it.

Jacked From: with SOME editing

Not to flatter you, but you’re already a winner if you’re at a lab that offers matching gifts (climb that ladder); you should join a winning team.  You may not have known, but 19 of the 39 drugs approved by the FDA over the last decade started out as Leukemia & Lymphoma Society funded research projects.  It’s not just about blood cancer, either, since of those 19 drugs, 5 have gone on to be approved for the treatment of other cancers including Gleevec which has been described as the “magic bullet” of cancer drugs.

Jacked From: with SOME editing

You already do good work at your company, that’s why they reward you with matching gifts.  Why not take their matching gift and do more good work?  Help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Help all kinds of cancer patients everywhere, and help a fellow blob.

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