Brass Tacks: Austin Triathlon

Total time:  1:55:01 (Goal 1:38:30) (CapTexTri 01:44:54)
Swim time:  (15:33) (Goal 15min) (CapTexTri 15:35)
Transition 1 time: 3:54 (Goal 4min) (CapTexTri 04:19)
Ride time: 1:02:57 (Goal 45min) (CapTexTri 47:49)
Transition 2 time: 2:10 Goal (2:30min) (CapTexTri 2:59)
Run time:  30:25 (Goal 32min) (CapTexTri 34:13)

Lows: Not achieving the PR I really wanted for this race; not improving my swim time after training much harder; losing my chain and jamming it between gear wheels on the first lap of the ride; and then spending what felt like an ETERNITY trying to fix it.

Highs: Getting my transitions back in check; killing it (!) on the run; the 82 degree glooorious weather; and sprinting in across the finish line (instead of limping across like I usually do!).


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