Where is January?

No, seriously.  What the heck just happened here?  Where did January go?  Wasn’t it just two weeks ago that I was frantically wrapping presents and downing bloody marys at Christmastime?  No.  that was MORE than a month ago.  How did that happen?

There’s no point now in posting the January plan from the Bloblessness Project 2012.  I guess I’ll go right ahead and post a re-cap.  So here’s how this year started off:

BODY: Jumpstart Fitness After the Holidays

With the personal crisis descending just before the holidays, and all the self-medicating that I underwent over the holidays, there wasn’t a whole lot of FIT in my Fitmas 2011.  January, then, was just about dipping a toe back in the fitness pool.  I started with a weekly commitment: Yoga Mondays.  I’ve said before, and genuinely mean, that Monday night Yoga is the happiest happy hour of the week.  It’s been a great opportunity to connect with my fellow yoginis, and it anchors the chaos that is the start of the work week.  If nothing else, it’s the tiny tea light at the end of the all-too-often malevolent Monday.  I’ve also been running about twice a week, which at one time would have been downright shameful, but at this point actually feels like a little bit better than nothing.  Thus, I’m considering the toe officially dipped back in the fitness pool.

BITES: Race Weight

When I originally drafted the Bloblessness Project 2012, my goal for the start of the year was to drop 15lbs to get down to race weight in anticipation of a blindingly fast racing season.  Weight loss became much less important with everything that was going on at the end of 2011 and in an ironic twist, I couldn’t stomach even the thought of eating too many calories.  Now, drinking those calories was a different story entirely.  Luckily, or depressingly, I wasn’t taking in too many of December’s usual sprinkled, powdered-sugared, candy-striped, twice-baked, honey-glazed, birthday-candled goodies, so I came across the River Styx with a net weight loss that I’m sure will be a distant memory once Sweetheart Candy season gives way to Peeps-a-palooza at the end of this month.

Regardless, the goal was to lose weight and I lost a little.  So, uh, I give myself a B+ there.

BALANCE: 1 Book Per Month

I made a major decision at the turn of the year and ditched cable TV.  This was sort of a big deal since I was basically living for the Housewives franchise.  With all of the travel I was able to do during December, I started getting back into the groove with reading (remember reading?) and decided that I’d commit to reading one book a month.  I’m thinking that I’ll post monthly posts on each book – like Oprah’s Book Club, only slightly less well-funded and slightly more derided by the authors who are chosen to be highlighted.  But the same basic idea.  I’m about halfway through January’s book, and we’re only a week into February.  I think it’s safe to color this January goal a wild success.

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