If You Can’t Run, Walk; and If you Can’t Walk, Blob

I’m running 13.1 miles on Sunday.

The last time I ran 13.1 miles was February 20, 2011.  This race.  LAST year.  Only last year I had trained for something like twelve weeks.  I had run on the actual race course.  I had done hill drills.  I had visualized a perfect performance.  I was prepared.  Now going back and reading my thoughts after completing that race last year, it strikes me that the two primary things I learned from running that race were:

  1. It. Can. Be. Done; and
  2. Don’t be Timid.

Funny, because as I was sitting down to right this I was thinking: (1) Can this be done?; and (2) I don’t think it can.  I’m working really hard right now, in this the eleventh hour, not to beat myself up about signing up for a race without training for it.  It’s weird to have a goal that is NOT to log the very best time I’ve ever logged for this distance.  The goal for this one is to just do it: to just dosomething to get going; to get off the couch, to get out of the cubicle, to get out from under the funk. 

Sometimes Plan but Sometimes Wing It
Jacked from: defythatgravity.tumblr.com via Pinterest

I keep feeling a twinge of panic thinking: What if I can’t run the whole thing without stopping to walk?  Silly, really, since I can guaran-dang-tee that I will not run the whole thing without stopping to walk.  Even considering doing that under my best training conditions would likely have been ill-advised, so to think of that as a feasible, workable, or even healthy goal is just plain incorrect.  Each time I feel that little back-of-the-knee-mosquito-bite-itch of panic about my race-day performance, instead of scratching it (Mom was right: It only makes it worse.), I swab on the pink calamine relief of the mantra: Your still lapping everyone on the couch.  Dang right.

If you can't run . . . walk.
Jacked from: thefitway.tumblr.com via Pinterest

All I really care about is:

  1. Getting out of the blobby discomfort zone of not racing;
  2. Finishing;
  3. Not dying;
  4. or Puking;
  5. Having enough rocking jams to make it 2.5 hours; and
  6. Feeling strong.

    Nike: Have a Strong Day
    Jacked from: Coach Summer Glen via Pinterest

See you on the finish line; I’ll be the one with the medal.



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