Back From The Brink

When you all come through, you really come through!

Can’t express enough appreciation for your immediate and varied recommendations for running jams for the Half Marathon.  It’s people like you that make my continued and worsening proclivity for procrastination grow and flourish, and for that I truly thank you.  I fels so much better listening to music than I normally do listening to podcasts on my training runs.  And, I’ve realized the folly in my thinking that I could just set-it-and-forget-it with hours-long gnn-tss rhythmic club music.  The thrill of knowing the words to a song at just the right “Can I really keep going?” moment was powerful (and is now indispensable).

For anyone who is remotely curious, here’s the list as it played out (buh-dum-tss), together with a graphical display of how the perfect jams came through at the perfect moments.  On a personal note to Jay Z, you saved my life insisting that “Ladeez iz pimps, too,” for the last 800 meters of the race and making sure I sprinted across the finish line to get that dirt off my shoulder.

Both Sides Of The Gun 2:44 Ben Harper Both Sides Of The Gun [Disc 2]
Get It Like You Like It 3:28 Ben Harper Both Sides Of The Gun [Disc 2] 
Better Way 3:58 Ben Harper Both Sides Of The Gun [Disc 2] (Long-appreciated Power Song)
Fly One Time 4:13 Ben Harper and Relentless7 White Lies for Dark Times (Deluxe Version)
Carney Man 3:57 Cross Canadian Ragweed Carney
Hey Hey 3:26 Cross Canadian Ragweed Carney
Layla 7:10 Derek & The Dominos Complete Clapton [Disc 1] (Never-ending outtro for a never-ending incline, I felt like I was in a time-warp.  A free-wheeling, fast-jogging, pain-free time warp.)
There’s Your Trouble 3:13 Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces
After Midnight 3:09 Eric Clapton Complete Clapton [Disc 1] 
Outside the Fire 3:36 Garth Brooks Double Live [Disc 1]  (Since the never-ending hill still hadn’t ended, the ever-inspiring words of Garth lit me up and kept me going.)
Til the River Runs Dry 3:42 Garth Brooks Double Live [Disc 1] (Since the never-ending hill STILL hadn’t ended, sailing my vessel ’til the river runs dry struck me as all-too-poignant.  I think there was a quarter mile in there where I had my palms raised to the sky revival-style.  Judge away; at least I made it up that hill without stopping to walk.)
Rodeo 3:40 Garth Brooks Double Live [Disc 2] 
Paris (Ooh La La) 3:15 Grace Potter & The Nocturnals Grace Potter & The Nocturnals Rock 
Sexy Ladies 5:35 Justin Timberlake FutureSex/Lovesound
Futuresex/Lovesound 4:04 Justin Timberlake FutureSex/Lovesound 
Mr. Brightside 3:45 The Killers Hot Fuss(Just try flying down a hard-won 3 mile downhill to this song without grinning like an idiot.  I went arms out style like Meg Ryan in the trailer for City of Angels.)
All These Things That I’ve Done 5:03 The Killers Hot Fuss  (Long-appreciated Power Song)
I Run to You 4:16 Lady Antebellum Lady Antebellum (Long-appreciated Power Song)
Carry On 5:03 Pat Green Carry On
Galleywinter 4:01 Pat Green Carry On
Whiskey 4:53 Pat Green Carry On
Can’t Even Get the Blues 2:33 Reba McIntyre Country Gold  (Coming up on the Livestorong mile – Mile 10 – feeling some pain.)
Hare Krisna 3:36 Thievery Corporation Hare Krisna-Single (Feeling Pain)
Shake That Body 5:04 Various Artists Jock Jams (Feeling P.A.I.N.)
Dope.Fly.Fresh (feat. Boss of Nova) 3:17 Chancellor Warhol Japanese Lunchbox: A Love Story (No memory of this song whatsoever.  Deafened by pain.)
Live Your Life (feat. Rihanna) 5:39 T.I. Paper Trail (Deluxe Version) (“Keep on shinin’“)
Mine 3:51 Taylor Swift Speak Now
King of Anything 3:27 Sara Bareilles Kaleidoscope Heart
Shots 3:42 LMFAO & Lil Jon Party Rock(I found myself eating a Shot Block during this song and it struck me as the funniest dang thing ever.  You know when you’re so tired that something totally inane is so hilarous you could about choke?  It was just like that.)
Good Feeling 4:07 Flo Rida Good Feeling
Right Round 3:23 Flo Rida R.O.O.T.S. (Deluxe Version)
Run This Town 4:28 Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West The Hits Collection, Vol. One (Deluxe Edition)
Dirt Off Your Shoulder 4:05 Jay-Z The Black Album (With Jay Z insisting that “Ladeez iz pims, too,” I knew what I had to do to get that dirt off my shoulder, so I sprinted the last quarter mile, slamming shoes down to the rhythm of Get. That. Dirtoffya. Shoulder.  Felt awesome.)
Course Map
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