Brass Tacks: Austin 1/2 Marathon 2012

Total time: 2:20:12 (Goal: Don’t Die.) (Austin 13.1 2011: 02:24) (Dream Time: 2:20:00)
Average pace: 10:42 (Goal: Forward Movement.) (Dream Pace: 10:00)
5K time: 30:46 (Dream time: 30:00)
5mi time: 50:08 (Dream time: 50:00)
10mi time: 1:42:55 (Dream time: 1:40:00)


Blobbing at the Start Line
Credit: Moi


Blobbing Across the Finish
Credit: Superfan Racheal Eckhoff


Lows: Stopping to walk and feeling like a total weenie for doing it; worse-ever knee pain on the hills; post race crippling tightness; feeling guilty passing signs that said “Trust in your training.”

Highs: P-freakin’-R!
Slaying 4 minutes off of last year’s time WITHOUT training made me feel straight Chuck Norris; blasting my new long-run playlist and shamelessly signing along and fist-pumping for extra adrenaline boosts where needed; kicking 2012 off right (when do we get to do it again?).


Blobservations of your own?

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