Blobbin’ Ain’t Easy

I see you blobby.

I picked up a copy of Austin Fit Magazine at the Austin Half Marathon Expo on Saturday and was leafing through it last night over two cold pieces of pizza (What irony? I’m just into balance.)  When what to my squealing delight did I find but an article written by non-blob professional tirathlete and – dare I say – friend to blobs everywhere: Patrick Evoe.  Not only is it an article by Patrick Evoe, but the title is “Best Days Aren’t Always Perfect Days.”  Snuggling back into my couch, overcome by now-fully-justified-run-skipping blobbishness mixed with Tean-Beat-center-pull out-poster hero worship, I read the piece with great satisfaction.  I mean, sure, Patrick is talking about suffering a setback  “ 45 minutes into an eight-and-a-half hour race,” while I am nodding in emphatic agreement about a setback I recall having 45 seconds into an eight-and-a-half mile jog.  And so what if Patrick used his mental acuity and powerful mini-goal setting to leverage a 112 mile bike ride into a 23-slot rise in race placement while I used my mental acuity to hop like a one-legged toad between the lilly pad water stations throughout miles nine, ten, eleven and twelve.  And big deal if Patrick mustered an eloquent mantra to dig through an apparently agonizing marathon to come up with a second place finish overall while all I could seem to hack up was “Go on brush ya shoulder off.”  All told, I couldn’t stop myself that Patrick and I have a little something in common.  (Hint: It’s NOT corporate sponsorship.)

Blobs of a Feather?
Credit: and Superfan Racheal Eckhoff with SOME editing

Shakin’ that blob.

Aside from the fact that only the luckiest of triathletes are bee-stung, I just love Patrick’s insight that you don’t need to have the race you want to get the results you want.  Remember when you were finally liberated in sixth grade when your teachers finally ceded that, for the final grade, penmanship wouldn’t count.  You finally got to stop making yourself crazy over the fact that your down-to-the-wire, at-the-buzzer handwriting tottered perilously on an open cursive “a” that – indistinguishable from a “u” – had left many a 2-point chink in your academic armor. (Why, cursive?  Why?!?).  So it is here with Patrick’s insight.  Free yourself from criticizing your perhaps not-ESPN-worthy swim (I’m talking to Patrick here, not myself.  God knows I have no business on ESPN, and that includes the bloopers.), and release your inner competitor from dismissively deriding your utterly unattractive hobble/crawl at the embarrassingly early mile 9 (I’m talking to myself here, not Patrick.  God knows he goes 9 miles in his sleep.)  In the end, you still made it to the end, and that’s all that will ever really matter.

"The Last dejected effort often becomes the winning stroke." - W.J. Camero
Jacked from: via Pinterest


“Done is better than perfect.*”

*Credit: Mark Zuckerberg via Pinterest.




Dust off your NKOTB swoon/scream.  Mr. Evoe (ahem, Pat, for insiders) responded to my request to publish this post, as he did the last time I posted about him, with consummate class and swoon/screamworthy friendliness.


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