image Food for Thought


“Once you’ve tried cheese fries with chopsticks, you’ll never go back.” – Food Truck Chef



  1. I LOVE your blog… And your healthy obsession with the one Patrick Evoe. He just happens to be my (formerly creepy… …but not so much anymore) little brother. We too have a healthy obsession with him. Pat’s picture just spent a month on my daughter’s kindergarten classroom door for Heros Month. And, I think of him every time I carry an overflowing basket of laundry up the stairs (my form of exercise). Keep up the good work

    • Hey Denna! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Maybe we should work up a comparative exercise plan: Pat = 4 hours grueling training in the pool and on the bike; Denna = untold hours of grueling training up and down the stairs carrying various odd-shaped household items (that’s Crossfit, right?); and Blob = 15 minutes of moderate jogging.

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