Brass Tacks: Austin 10|20

Total time: 1:46:17 (Austin 13.1 2012 10-mile time:  1:42:55) (Dream time: 1:40:00)
Average pace: 10:38/mi (Austin 13.1 2012: 10:42) (Dream Pace: 10:00) Improvement!
5mi time: 51:26 (Austin 13.1 2012: 50:08)(Dream time: 50:00)

Lows: Disappointment of seeing poor results after feeling great throughout the entire race; frustration with my inability to match the times from my first race this year (how is that fair?); bummed to leave the running season not on a PR or even a Season Record.

Highs: No stopping (a vast improvement over Alamo 13.1!); best-feeling race of 2012 (even if it wasn’t the fastest); much easier getting a breathing rhythm than Alamo 13.1, mentally this was the easiest race I’ve been through in some time (never once begging to see a mile-marker); no post-race pain like I’ve had after the last two races; first time running a distance race without the iPod and I LOVED it!


Blobservations of your own?

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