Tax Conversion

Does your job celebrate Tax Season?

This is the first year I’ve ever experienced this joy and I feel like Charlotte when she converted to Judaism before marrying Harry.  I started out at the height of enthusiasm (dare I say, zealous?).  There would never be a more committed or debout tax professional than I.  I’d show all these other tax preparers that we goy estate-planners aren’t al so silly and uneducated after all.  I would delve into the most holy and incomprehensible of humanity’s ancient texts – The Internal Revenue Code – with aplomb, fervor, and reverence.  It would be my life.

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But after approximately six weeks of total immersion and baptism by the fires of on-the-job-training, I’ve achieved only the ability to passably talk the talk.  I appreciate now what all sage tax practitioners must know (if they purport to remain at all on this side of sanity): I may immerse myself in the pass-over of tax season for all the years of my life, sacrifice the lamb of my social life (a skinny, sickly lamb, but a lamb nonetheless) at the altar of the IRS every March and part of April  and never truly walk this walk.


And so on this high holy day (the TRUE “tax holiday”), the day after the Income Tax Deadline, I join Bravo Andy in wishing you a very timely, exempt, and fully-deducted Mazel.

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  1. I just finished temping at a CPA firm during March and April, and man. It was brutal! They all went sort of insane at the end. I learned that my new job of teaching is going to suit me WAY BETTER than anything in the tax world! I can’t handle the stress! That said, I truly appreciate the privilege to drop of my taxes and have someone else do all the work 🙂 Hope you are having fun on this Day After Tax Day 🙂

  2. I’m not sure how accountants and CPA’s don’t go postal more often, honestly. First of all there’s the Byzantine tax code and then there’s the general public that is woefully undereducated and unprepared.

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