Brass Tacks: CapTexTri 2012

Finisher CapTexTri 2012

Total time: 1:37:23 (CapTexTri 2011 01:44:54) (Goal 1:50:00) (Ass-kickery)
Swim time:  16:17 (CapTexTri 2011 15:35) (Goal 15min) (Rank 6/41)
Transition 1 time: 4:03 (CapTexTri 2011 04:19) (Goal 5min) (Felt like 20 min)
Ride time: 43:31 (CapTexTri 2011 47:49) (Goal 60min) (Rank 10/41)
Transition 2 time: 3:02 (CapTexTri 2011 2:59) (Goal 5min) (It’s only 3sec, but breaking that min mark stings!)
Run time: 30:29 (CapTexTri 2011 34:13) (Goal 30min) (Rank 24/41) (First time in the 30th minute!)

Division place: 13/41 (68th percentile) (Goal: 51st percentile)

Lows: The nerves waiting for the race to start (I did NOT train enough.); the long swim (although, looking at the rank lets me know that perhaps the conditions were part of it); the wind, the hear on th run (although, since it wasn’t my first time at this rodeo, I was mentally ready for it and didn’t stop once.)

Highs: Surviving on no training, biking much faster than I ever have (17.1MPH!), getting closer to my fantasy 30-minute 5K than ever before, my newest superfan.

Beer is for Finishers
Credit: Moi. Coffee may be for closers, but beer is for finishers.


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