Happy National Running Day


Nice change of pace today (yuk yuk) shifting from focusing almost exclusively on yoga for the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. Remember running?  As in, the exclusive effort I made toward fitness until about a month ago.  Oh yeah.  That. 

I’m celebrating National Running Day with a Pub Run.  Everyone knows that if you exercise exquisite self-control and limit your beer intake based on your ability and the real-life probability of actually running off said beers, a pub run is ideally just a caloric wash.  What goes out comes right back in.  For that reason, I bought a little workout insurance this morning with a 20 minute weight-lifting podcast and a  20 minute yoga podcast.  I even did Yoga For Runners just for the holiday.

Jacked From: Facebook.com | Austin Fit Magazine

Here’s hoping your National Running day is a well-hydrated, blister-free, playlist-rockin’, all-green-light-hitting, holiday and that you running gods smile down upon you permitting you to burn exactly one more calorie than you drink tonight.


Blobservations of your own?

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