Brass Tacks: Tri Rock Austin 2012 (Formerly Austin Tri)



Credit: Elizabeth Kreutz

Total time: 3:23:58 (Goal )
Swim time:  32:51:00 (Goal 30min) (I swear it FELT fast. 260th out of 916 participants)
Transition 1 time: 4:11 (Goal 5min) (Consistently hitting low 4min here; new goal: 4 flat)
Ride time: 1:28:10 (Goal 2 hours flat)
Transition 2 time: 3:11 (Goal 5min) (Consistently hitting low 3min here; new goal: 3 flat)
Run time: 1:15:34 (1:05:00) (SO slow!

Division place: 34/50 (30-34 is the most competitive division for women.  It shows.)

Lows: The last half of the run was punishing; really should have trained more.

Highs: Enjoying a gorgeous sunrise (interestingly NOT an oxymoron, as I would have argued) over the downtown skyline from the river during the swim; Cracking myself up on the ride thinking up ridiculous trash-talk for the folks I was passing; Having a an unexpected fan cheer for me by name (he recognized my sweet ride); and first-time Olympic Finish (obligatory 2012 “Olympic” reference photo included below)!

Credit: Moi

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