Why Coffee Makers Have Timers

This may go without saying here, but I am an utterly useless human being before I’ve had a cup of coffee in the morning. (Need proof? I mean, this post went up before 7:00am local time. See?) I routinely explain minor flubs and failings with a rueful shake of the head saying, “Welp, I’m pre-coffee . . . .

So it should come as no surprise that I suffered one of my signature screw ups this morning. Trotting out the door to 6:00 am spinning thinking, “I’ll just grab a cup after class.” and not realizing until I arrived at the gym that I’d left my cleats on the counter at home.


So now I’ll have to hit a spinning class on my lunch break instead of going shopping like I had planned. Which could mean that, more than just a useless slug, Coffeeless Blob is an economic genius. I’ll have to report back on that.

Maybe after a cup of coffee.


Blobservations of your own?

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