Yoga Makes You Flexible

After a full week of doing yoga every day, I can really see the payoff in my flexibility. So flexible am I, that I can easily breathe right through the rigidity of a well laid plan and achieve the bliss of the unforeseen.

See, it’s laundry night, and instead of sitting around the laundromat reading the close captioning on a rerun of Avatar: The Cartoon, I dressed for a run, brought my headphones, and even downloaded a new podcast. I figured I’d return home 400 clean t-shirts heavier and 400 calories lighter.


But once I got the clothes sorted and the machines started, I cruised outside for a look around. Hm. Freeway intersection to the west, check cashing, pawn shops, and window tint to the east, and unlit, poorly paved nothingness to the north and the south. Not exactly prime running conditions. Except . . . there’s a Jack In The Box right next door.


And a reed bends in the wind.


One comment

  1. hm, nice post. does yoga really make you flexible that fast!? i’ve done yoga on and off for awhile, but i never really noticed any change, i guess keeping at it for more then a day straight might help, haha!

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