Brass Tacks: Mission to Mission Ride 2012

Total time: 4:00:00 (approximate, and not including cookie break(s)). (Goal 1:45:00)
Average pace: 13.9mph (Goal will always be to best the pompous coffee-house rider who famously scoffed to us that his poor wife could putter happily along at 12mph all day.)

Lows: The occasional roughly paved freeway on ramp, cutting our half-way rest stop slightly short after pulling over several bikes by attempting to stretch on the bike rack (***Official party line: The thing just fell over. By itself), missing the last turn and adding a few miles and minutes to our overall stats, and finding no beers at the end.

This guy knew something we didn't about the end-of-ride "party."
This guy knew something we didn’t about the end-of-ride “party.”

Highs: Perfect temperature, hilarious riding partner, flattest course on planet Earth, and hammering on for the last five miles to regain our lead after our brief detour.



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