Can’t Stop the Shining

How Will You Shine in 2013?

It’s time to start thinking about it, folks.  My more mystic non-blob friends cite the new moon and the solstice as begging this question, but also – perhaps slightly more accessibly – it is, in fact, the end of 2012.  Luckily, we don’t have to muddle through such existentialism alone since Lululemon was kind enough to throw us a sick solstice yoga party on the roof deck of a newly opened studio, complete with live sitar stylings and light-your-own manifestation lanterns.  So, a big bendy knot of local yogis ventured out on 12.12.12, under a new moon, on the cusp of the solstice, not under a cloak of new age mysticism but in actual earnest to get together, have some fun, and really think about how to best take on the coming year.

Credit: Moi
Credit: Moi

Cold: You Wanna Stop the Shining?

The unfortunate fact for outdoor yogis seeking year-end reflection and communion is that the end of the year is, well, cold.  Obvious enough to non-Texans, but ’round here we pair our holiday-themed long underwear with shorts because otherwise we’d never get to wear it.  (Goes without saying here that “we” = me).  Temperatures dipped bone-chillingly low last night, so you’d think a rooftop 8:00pm weeknight yoga session might be sparsely attended.  Nope.  Maybe it was the cranked-up heaters, or the surplus of stylish lululemon layers, or just the warmth of friendly holiday excitement, but right away the roof deck was awash with a welcome glow.

Jacked From: with SOME editing
Jacked From: with SOME editing

Crowds: You Wanna Stop the Shining?

Unfazed by the snap of a chillier clime, local yogis turned out in droves.  Just what we are all looking for at this time of year, right: clarity, connection, and crowds.  Few find crowds as soul-suckingly undesirable as I do, but this wasn’t your average cut-a-fool-for-a-Tickle-Me-Elmo Christmas crowd.  People offered friendly hellos instead of threatening how-can-I-cut-you-in-line-for-the-register sidelong glances.  People made space for each other — a lost art which  in my mind had long ago been filed under #stuffpeopleusedtodo with other lost arts like Turning Off The T.V. and Not Texting While I’m Talking To You.  Far from a detriment, the crowd at this event was its greatest asset.

Jacked From: with SOME editing.
Jacked From: with SOME editing.

Cops: You Wanna Stop the Shining?

After the 75-minute flow, the whole crowd of us squeezed (but not in an offensive Wal-Mart way) out on to a back uncovered roof deck to release 100 paper lanterns meant to represent our shining intentions set ablaze and released into the great dark unknown.  But before we could get all hundred lit, released, and floating liltingly toward adjacent mind-bogglingly expensive high-rise condos, we were yanked from our year-end reverie by the long arm of the law.  Evidently, what’s good for the soul isn’t good for the citizen since, as we were politely but unwaveringly reminded by the 5-0 on our beat: You can’t be releasing fire inside the city limits.  (And with that I was, for the second time this week, held down by the local government man.  Seriously, why does the caged bird sing?)

Even with this abrupt end to a lushly hopeful evening, we left abuzz with the shininess of our teacher Gioconda’s parting words to support each other — to delight in each other’s successes — since we can only each move forward if we all move forward.

Jacked From: with SOME editing.
Jacked From: with SOME editing.
*****And now for an unavoidable musical outtro: “Yo ‘Clef, play the track!”*****


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