Brass Tacks: Shiner Beer Run Half Marathon

Jacked From:
Jacked From:

Total time: 2:20:37 (Goal 2:10:00) (PR 2:20:12) (SO FRICKIN’ CLOSE)
Average pace: 10:44/M (Goal 10:00/M)
Age Group Place: 38/73 (48th Percentile) (Goal: Top 50%)
Overall Place: 462/796 (42nd Percentile) (Goal: Top 50%

Lows: Not making PR; the return of upper arm chafe (blame it on the rain, right Mr. Vanilli?); and the harrowing pre-dawn drive on country roads in the driving rain to get there.

Jacked From:
Jacked From:

Highs: Not stopping a single time on the run (which is actually better than I did on my PR race); nice overcast and mostly cool running weather (although the humidity was insane); excellent course; coming up with a bomb playlist (posted separately); a race packet filled with beer accessories (pint glass, koozie, T-shirt, and ball cap all boasting one of my all time favorites), and a race medal that doubles as a bottle opener – SCORE!

Credit: Moi, Finisher of Races and of Beers
Credit: Moi, finisher of races and of beers




    • Thanks, Joan! Great minds, right? Glad someone is finally making a medal with double use! What’s next, a cheese knife? Wait. Just. A. Minute. That’s brilliant.

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