The Twelve Days of Fitmas: 4-6

On The Fourth Day of Fitmas: Calling All Crows

It’s funny to me, but getting in several yoga classes at several different studios always alerts me to “trends in yoga.”  And (whether you buy this or not) I’m actually not referring only to the chevron-print trend finally making it on to Lulu tops and bags (Santa baby, are you listening?).  For a while there over the summer, Austin yoga instructors couldn’t get enough of chair/awkward/thunderbolt post, which annoyed the heck out of me because I couldn’t get enough of avoiding it.  Other trends have been mandala yoga (where your work your way around your mat facing first to the front, then to the side, then to the back, then to the other side.  Nothing wrong with it, but EVERYone was doing it for a few weeks there), and now crow pose.

Credit via Pinterest
Credit via Pinterest

Everyone’s really excited about arm balances lately, and I think it’s because this is the only month that’s not warm enough in Texas to raise a standing film of sweat rendering arm balances nearly impossible, if not patently dangerous.  Every class I’ve been in this week has included a crow pose, culminating in last night’s power yoga pushing side crow.

On the Fifth Day of Fitmas: Five Gold Stars (er, Rings)

I’m actually just pretty pumped that at this point in the Twelve Days of Fitmas, I’ve somehow managed to get in five yoga classes.  Even though I’ve had yoga weeks that are supposed to include seven straight days of yoga, this is really the most consistent consecutive yoga I’ve managed in a while.  This is precisely why I love the Twelve Days of Fitmas, and I’m hanging gold stars (er, gold rings) on this yoga PR.

Credit: via Pinterest
Credit: via Pinterest

On the Sixth Day of Fitmas: Savasana is Laying, if not Quite like Geese

Holiday yoga is better than any other yoga.  It’s like, more yoga than yoga.  There’s something about the holidays that make you more thankful, more grateful, more aware of the good in your life and more attuned to your ability to improve.  There more intention at the turn of the year than at any other time; more goal setting, more planning, more action.  There’s also more stress, more checklists, more running, and traffic, and in-line waiting, and website crashing, more work with shorter deadlines, less patience.  This is why, I think, so many folks see the need to provide holiday yoga with extra-honed focus on these needs.  We need yoga more at this time of year.  To receive and project the gratitude, to harness the ambitious intention, and to ease the stress of the season.  Savasanas in holiday yoga may be the most productive minutes of my entire year.  Seriously, try it.

Credit: via Pinterest
Credit: via Pinterest

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