The Twelve Days of Fitmas: 9-12

Over The River

I realize now that the idea of getting good, long, workouts in on each day of Christmas vacation was not ambitious, it was preposterous.  I did, however, manage to sneak away for an 8-mile run which – at my pace – is a considerable chunk of time.  It was such a welcome break from the building excitement and frantic energy of bringing several last-minute shoppers together and adding heavy winter beers and cream cheese appetizers. The Christmas Eve Eve long run should really be an annual tradition since it’s tailor-made for list-making, mind-clearing, and calorie-cancelling in anticipation of the Christmas frenetics and festivities that impend.

Jacked From: via Pinterest
Jacked From: via Pinterest

Through The Woods

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day went the way of most holidays, which is to say they involved not one second of training.  All month I’d thought there would be a great post from Christmas Day about it being my birthday and seizing the gift to myself of quick twenty-mile ride.  It didn’t quite happen, and it wasn’t disappointing in the least.  A cold snap hit us and the prospect of forcing a rather long outdoor training session in-between family gatherings and missing the downtime during which all the greatest family interactions actually happen just didn’t appeal when given that option.

After spending Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and 2/3 of the 26th indoors, warm, cozy, and overfed, it finally was appealing again to break out and get a shot of cool air on a quick 30-mile ride.  Of course, not marshalling the wherewithal to actually go on this ride until midafternoon meant riding back as both night and temperatures fell.  We made it back just before losing the last of the light and the last of the feeling from our fingers (and toes, and knees, and noses).

Jacked From: via Pinterest
Jacked From: via Pinterest

It’s Still Just Mother’s House, Though.

So I only had a 50% success rate for the last four days of Fitmas.  In retrospect, it’s pretty satisfying to have achieved at least a little equilibrium between festivities, families, and fitness.  I wonder if I’d gotten in all the workouts I’d hoped to, whether I would have felt cheated for not having heard a newsy update about a relative’s planned job change, for learning only through second-hand whispers about the hilarity of grandpa’s adults-only joke, and for being relegated to the final scrapings of cheese dip already ravaged by the other partygoers.  Maybe achieving a perfect holiday fitness routine is for me like having grandkids around at Christmas is for my mom: It didn’t happen this year, but it will be well worth the wait.


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