30K is my Space Jam

Who has been a little down this week?  Who’s been out of it?  Who can’t seem to get it together?  Who is overdue for a haircut and can summon no amount of blow-drying, moussing, or flat-ironing to get their coif to obey?  Who blew off the grocery store to eat out (Again. Then again.)  Who’s still one class being on the Digital 40 Days?  Of course it’s me.

On top of everything else, my nerves have been mounting as Sunday draws nearer.  My longest race ever: 30 kilometers.  That’s 18.6 miles, which is freakin’ far.  Things that are closer to me now than the finish line will be on Sunday include:

  • At least seven Starbukses (those are just the ones I’ve visited. This month.)
  • Three Targets for sure, but maybe more
  • The entire Austin city limits (not just the concert venue or the festival, both of which are also closer to me now than the finish line will be on Sunday)
  • The actual race finish line (closer to my office than to the start line!).

So I’ve been nervous. Really nervous. Not my usual I-didn’t-really-train-for-this nervous, but a brand new holy-crap-I-may-not-actually-finish-this nervous.  My mind has been racing in ways my legs never will.  I was sore on mile 4 of the 3M Half marathon two weeks ago.  And I only JUST got over being sore afterward.  And I’ve hardly run since then because all I do is yoga lately.  And I have no business going longer than a half marathon anyway.  And the field is really small for this race so all the other runners are probably, like, I don’t know: committed and good.

But then there was a tweet out of nowhere, as all tweets are, and I got this video just in the nick of time (thanks Austin Woman Magazine):

And just like that, this kid — Kid President — convinced me.  He convinced me that I should do this, that I’m boring if I don’t do it and just stick to my same old 13 miles (Being boring is easy, everybody can be boring).  He convinced me that it will be hard (It HURT, man. Not cool, Robert Frost!), but worth it.  He even supplied a mantra that I’m sure I’ll really REALLY need somewhere around Mile 15: You got AIR comin’ through your NOSE!

Kid President is obviously amazing, and just this little sub-four-minute YouTube video did wonders for me this Friday afternoon.  I couldn’t help but pass it along in hopes that it would inspire a little something in someone else.  And if not, maybe just take his advice about acting like we’re on the same team and follow me on race day!  You can find the link to my Nike+ run tracker in the Twitter feed on my sidebar here.  If you’re a Facebook friend, be sure to Like the Nike+ link on race day because Likes are transmitted through my headphones as cheers, and that sucks the pain out of the miles like seeing Kid President do the end-zone dance.

Jacked From: mandjsfitness.com via Pinterest
Jacked From: mandjsfitness.com via Pinterest

At least now I know this dream is big enough.



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