Brass Tacks: Rogue 30K

Total time: 03:36:10 (Average 03:15:00) (Goal: Finish Vertical) (Distance PR!)
Average pace: 11:37 (Goal 10:00/M)
Division (Age Group)
Place: NOT REPORTED (N/A Percentile) (Goal: Top 50%)
Gender Place: NOT REPORTED (N/A Percentile) (Goal: Top 50%)

Lows: The three miles of double-back through the mall parking lot for 11, 12, and 13 were demoralizing because you were facing the folks beating you and the scenery wasn’t great either (3 miles INSIDE the mall might have been different!); failure on the playlist front relegating me to songs on repeat for the last four miles; and not getting even the average time for all finishers.

Highs: making friends with the folks running near me (Huge thanks to the guy who broke the ice by saying “We PAID for this?” for waiting at the finish line to give me a high-five — that was awesome!); being on-pace for the first thirteen miles (and getting to refer to THE FIRST 13 miles); and, above all else, getting to say what I’m about to say next.

To Kiddo, who left this comment on my blog on Friday night:


I got your willpower right here, buddy. Didn’t see you at the finish line.



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