Brass Tacks: @Digital40Days

Total practices: 40 (Goal 40)
Total meditations: Like 3, I think. (Goal 80)
Diet: No. (Goal: accompanying diet including 3-day juice cleanse)

Lows: Stress-induced freak out in week 3 as practices went to 45 minutes with two 30-minute meditations a day (coinciding with two-a-day triathlon workouts, that was putting me a four hours of fitness-related activity every day. That’s for Olympians, child pageant stars, and the birds as far as I’m concerned!); perpetual soreness (it’s nice to know you’re getting stronger, but it gets old clomping around the office like John Wayne after a three day ride.); and a voicemail from a friend checking in my Valentine’s Day plans saying, “I’m sure they include yoga….”

Highs: Kind of sort of getting my butt off the ground in LOLasana (Did my arms finally grow? Also, the apt was of the pose name for the 21at century just proves that yoga is timeless. Almost all attempts to get my butt off the ground are LOL-worthy.); forming healthy habits (Exhibit A: Found a holiday beer in the back of my fridge and cracked it open to celebrate Day 40, but only cared to drink half of it.) (Exhibit B: got 80% through my second liter of water at work before remembering “I don’t like to drink water.”) (Exhibit C: Reflexively squeezed in a practice between work and dinner with friends without any dramatic hemming and hawing about having just SO much to do.) (DEFENSE RESTS. Which I know creepily abbreviate
to “savasanah.”




Blobservations of your own?

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