How to Expo

Happy Expo Day, Austin Runners

In running, Race Day Eve is pronounced Expo! For big, exciting races, it’s more than just the place where you get your bib and t-shirt. There are lectures, sign-up opportunities for future races, and shopping. Oh, so much shopping. (It’s a treacherous place for a born shopper who’s been working on endurance.) My third time here, it’s gone from an unexpected surprise to one of my favorite days of the year. Here’s how:

Stay With the Locals. Locals Rule.

You can’t beat a big event in your hometown because, well, the locals’ privilege.



Score Selective Swag

It’s not just that there’s shopping, it’s that there are items you can’t get anywhere else. Some are so good and irresistible that you’d buy it two sizes too big just to get in on that action. (And by “you,” I mean the Royal You. As in me.)


Make Friends

There’s always a good turnout of runners, families, Super Fans, vendors … And soldiers. The last was of particular interest to me this year because, you know, something about “if you can’t be with the soldier you love,” er … You know what I mean.


Listen for the Best Overheards

Avid people watchers are in hog heaven here, and there a no better Overheards than the ones you’ll get at the Expo. To wit:

  • “Dude it’s like a $&!%#* runner’s paradise in here; you’re gonna spend a million $&!%#* dollars. For sure.”
  • “My … GI tract …. Is like … WORKING.”
  • “Giiirl Scoooout Cooookies: Purrrrfect for race day! PUT ‘EM in yo’ fanny pack!”
  • “The best part is, they already match my tri-suit. You know, because chick stuff.” (Full Disclosure: It probably doesn’t count as an Overheard if I actually said it, right?)


See y’all at Olive Garden!


Blobservations of your own?

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