When You Realize Your March Goal is a Yoga Challenge.

Two weeks after you finished a massive yoga challenge.

Fear not, Instagram followers, this challenge will not (I repeat NOT) be chronicled with daily shots of my feet on varying yoga mats in varying yoga studios. If there’s one thing I picked up from the Digital 40 Days, it was to **live in the now, man** (where double asterisks denote Spicoli voice. It’s in the Chicago manual of style, **man.**). Daily photos were then, this is now.

I thought briefly about revising the March goal, but then decided to stay the course. For starters, part of the Digital 40 Days challenge was to get to a point where daily yoga practice was a continuing reality beyond just the challenge itself. I feel like continuing to rock on through March will further that goal. Hopefully, but the end of the month I’ll be at a point where skipping yoga will just feel weird. (But not in the way that skipping coffee feels weird because that can result in some sukka done getting theyself cut.) Also, by the end of the month, I will be doing these. Right?

Finally, the reward for this yoga challenge is new lululemon, and faithful readers know:

Nothing comes between me an new lululemon. Nothing.



Blobservations of your own?

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