I Ought to Kill You, Foam Roller

“Every runner needs a foam roller,” said some chick on Pinterest. “101 Reasons to Foam Roll,” said Runner Magazine. “Secrets of a Distance Runner: Roll that Foam” Said some ultramarathoner with more credibility than the subtitle belies.

You were supposed to prevent injuries, loosen tight muscles, recover, restore, and revitalize.

These are the promises that wooed me, Foam Roller. Leading up to and culminating after the Rogue 30K, I was experiencing some (ahem) tenderness in my left hip. I thought this was caused, and still think it’s worsened, by terrible ergonomics in my new cubicle. See, the ergonomic set-up I need is prone, on sand, within 50 miles of the equator. (But I digress.)

Allow me to share my personal story:

What I hurt:

Credit: drbenkin.com via Pinterest
Credit: drbenkin.com via Pinterest

What I bought:


What I thought:

Credit: beyondphysicalfitness.com via Pinterest
Credit: beyondphysicalfitness.com via Pinterest

How I felt:

Credit: Soul Torture by Bill Corbett on epilogue.net via Pinterest
Credit: Soul Torture by Bill Corbett on epilogue.net via Pinterest

I’m not saying it’s over, Foam Roller, and maybe I was hasty up there in saying I ought to kill you. But seriously, cut me a break, huh?



  1. Hate to hear this, I found that the more I am able to relax, release tension through other means (meditation, yoga, walking, occasional ball rolling) the less I need to foam roll. Sadly its an over used trend right now. It works wonders, it does although at the same time it shines a bright light on prior injuries that have been hiding. Take care, rest up and be well!

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