The Good Life

During my Friday morning ritual of listening to the Slate Political Gabfest, I was struck by their consideration of the question: What are the components of The Good Life? (And perhaps momentarily depressed by their consideration of the follow up question: “Does our government foster those components in our society.”) After a grinding week that feels like it’s reduced me to a mere shadow of my already shadowy self, I thought this could be a great way to head into the weekend on a high note.

Credit: with #instagram #xpro DISCLAIMER:

Credit: with #instagram #xpro DISCLAIMER: “I don’t bleed red; I don’t bleed blue; I bleed . . . purple.”

According to the Gabfesters, the components of The Good Life are kindness, charity, love, companionship, and community. It seems to me that practicing kindness and charity are things you do to be good in life, but may not necessarily be things you envision in the life you would like to live (since “the life that one would like to live,” is the Wikipedia definition of The Good Life, and therefore the definitive definition for purposes of this post, and of course for all of humanity). I agree with their fleeting criticism of their own answers for being “too broad,” and saw the fact that they were confined to a sub-minute response as an opportunity to expound.

On a Friday afternoon, feeling wrung out, over-worked, bled-dry, frazzled, freaked, frantic, and stomping firmly on a soapbox hoarsely shouting about how stressed is a whole lot more than just desserts spelled backward, I think it’s time to consider the components of The Good Life as a way of combining the enumeration of blessings, the manifestation of goal attainment, and general mood-lifting all around. Being advised that this is nothing if not relative, consider that the components of The Good Life include:

  • Sunshine that doesn’t sunburn
  • Friends who ask incisive questions
  • Sub-10min miles
  • Shoes of all kinds (but not aqua socks because, gross)
  • Wildflowers

Credit: Moi. #instagram #xpro

  • Mile swims
  • Terrible jokes
  • Surprise birthday gifts nowhere near your birthday
  • Solid weekend plans
  • Fresh study supplies
Credit: Moi. #instagram #xpro
Credit: Moi. #instagram #xpro
  • Checked-off to do lists
  • Well-curated Friday Dance Party Pandora stations (suggestions welcome)
  • Beer of all kinds (but not IPA because, gross)
  • Wine and someone worth drinking it with
  • Humor in your higher-ups

I’m finding that I could go on and on (mercifully attentive to YOUR right to The Good Life, I will not). I’m shocked to find myself knowing more about this than I thought I did (and certainly more than I deserve to), and heartened to realize that these are things I have experienced. I guess I know what that means.

And you? What are your components?

What is your Good Life?


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