Brass Tacks: LBJ 65

Total time: Approximately 5 hours, including PBJ break(s). (Timekeeping and pace calculations roughly sketched due to 20% iPhone power being utter insufficient for more than four hours of tracking. Who knew?)
Average pace: In the absence of data, I’m going to call this one “freaking fast.”  (Goal will always be to best the pompous coffee-house rider who famously scoffed to us that his poor wife could putter happily along at 12mph all day.)
Total Smoked Sausages: Two; one each. (The self-restraint demonstrated was as lofty as any a feat we accomplished that day.)

Lows: The temperature (more than one person commented on the color coordination between my hot pink cycle skirt and the legs protruding from beneath it); the absence of beer at the finish line (what GIVES, central Texas cycling groups? Seriously.).


Good thing we found our own rest stop. #instagram #nashville
Good thing we found our own rest stop. #instagram #nashville

Highs: The sun coming out in the third hour, the best damn smoked sausages you’ve ever imagined at the finish line, hobnobbing with the big wheel cycling champ (he rode all 65 miles on this thing, gear ratio 4:1, and when asked how the thing handled on the hills, he responded, “Sucks.”).

Jacked From: Enduro Photo, with #instagram #nashville
Jacked From: Enduro Photo, with #instagram #nashville


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