Gray Day

It’s a very dark day, indeed.  And not just because the foreboding low-hanging torrent-dropping clouds spat out a single flash of lightning sufficient to shut down the pool this morning 5 brief pool-length into the workout.  It’s a darker day even than that.  I am devastated to report two major setbacks in the Bloblessness Project 2013.

Jacked From:
Jacked From:
  • I did not achieve the March Goal of doing yoga every day; and
  • I have called off the April Goal of running my first Half Ironman.



Jacked From: with #instagram #xpro2
Jacked From: with #instagram #xpro2

It’s really hard to admit that I let the March yoga goal just slip through my (thick, wing-sauce stained) fingers.  It wasn’t too hard.  It didn’t get the best of me.  I just didn’t do it.  Now, I HAD just completed the Digital 40 Days two weeks before my own yoga challenge started, and I didn’t get any credit toward the Bloblessness Project at all for that; it was purely for the fun of it. 

In fact, with full disclosure, I thought about just flipping that March goal card over since, having done yoga for 25 out of 31 days, after JUST having done yoga for 40 days straight, I felt a little freaking entitled to a gold star for All That Frickin’ Yoga.  With even fuller disclosure, I’ll tell you that I’m still kind of thinking about that.  I mean, damn.  65 days out of 90 and I’m still feeling guilty for failing the yoga goal.  That just seems like the forest has totally been lost for the trees. 

Or what if I doubled-up, and did yoga every day in April in addition to working on the April goal?  Can I earn the right to flip the goal cards in arrears?  That seems fair, right?  I mean, the Bloblessness Project will still be totally fulfilled for 2013, just not on the anticipated schedule.  Although, I have no problem admitting that the very inherent core of my nature will slip right down that slope until I’m doing two half Ironmans, and olympic triathlon PR, running mileage challenge, swimming meter challenge, yoga challenge, dieting and Fitmas all in December.  What can I say; I’m the grasshopper, not the ants.  Know thyself, I guess.


Jacked From: with #instagram #xpro2
Jacked From: with #instagram #xpro2

Calling off the April half Ironman was really tough.  I trained up last summer for the October half Ironman in my town, but postponed that so that I wouldn’t spend my final waning pre-deployment moments ignoring my favorite non-blob so I could go for another long training ride.  No doubt that was the right decision.  And the spoonful of sugar was the idea that while he is gone, I’d have the perfect opportunity to train up and knock the thing out.  And so after the holidays I trained up again.

But then work happened.  You know, that thing that happens while your busy making plans?  (Huh? that’s “life,” you say, and not “work?”  Hm. Thought they were synonyms for a second there.)  I got a rare change to take a tough test on a tight timeline at my work.  Like two-lane road maintenance at 8:00am on weekday, it’s unavoidable, it’s frustrating, and it’s ruling my life, but in the end the road will be a lot smoother and I’ll hardly remember those mornings in traffic.   

Buoyed (heh) by my favorite non-blob’s excitement about attending the half Ironman in October, promises to cheer heartily, and pledges of endless post-race beers, I figured I’ll just switch the April and October goals:  2000 meters of swimming this month, and Austin 70.3 in October.  It feels a little like a copout, especially since this is the second time I’ve pushed it back, but it’s the best I can do with what I’ve got.  Also, it proves I’m flexible. (Take that Yoga Month.)


Jacked (heh) From: with #instagram #xpro2
Jacked (heh) From: with #instagram #xpro2

In the end, I’ll chalk the postponement of the half Ironman up to a scheduling conflict.  I’m not precluded from getting that goal since the time crunch really was not in my control.  But the yoga goal for March is gone.  Struggling though I am to ignore the Digital 40 Days and the urge to just make it up in April, that just wasn’t the deal.  The deal wasn’t “Do More Yoga,” or even “Do a Crapload of Yoga,” it was “Do Yoga Every Day in March.”  And I didn’t.




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