Brass Tacks: Tour De Gruene 2013

Total Distance:
Total Time: Unascertainable
Total feet climbed: How I wish I knew

IMG_3173Lows: Characteristically for this ride — the temperature (we always freeze); Being riddled with cleat problems, My Favorite Non-Blob had to enlist the aid of the most magnanimous gear heads from Bike World, and Non-Blob Superfan Dad just had to gut out the last two miles or so with an immovable cleat; and The terror of an immovable cleat when the Sag Wagon slammed its breaks directly in front of us 2/3 of the way up the hill into Gruene (feared county-wide, I assure you).

Highs: Un-characteristically for this ride — the climbs! ¬†(They added a new leg to the long route cutely designated on the map as “Hillatious.” ¬†Anyway, it was cuter on the map.); fighting for my point-of-pride at still never having had to get off and walk my bike up any hill; and, characteristically for this ride, the beer and sausages at the Wurstfest after party.


Blobservations of your own?

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