Brass Tacks: Thirsty Planet Blast Off Metric Century 2013

Total Distance: 100 kilometers (That’s 62 miles ‘mericans.)
Total Time: Unascertainable
Total feet climbed: How I wish I knew


Lows: The water level in Lake Austin visible from the highest point on the route; coping mentally with the fact that the view of Lake Austin from the staggering summit in Steiner Ranch was hardly the highest point on the course; and coming in DAL (That’s “Dead-Ass Last”).

Highs: Realizing at the end-of-ride brewery party that I was among probably three women participants because — as a fellow rider vividly explained, “Not many chicks have the kind of granite quads you need for this ride;” learning a killer new route that will definitely have to be reutilized in 70.3 training next year; finishing up at one of the best breweries around; and realizing only later that the Bloblessness Project 2013 November Goal of 100 bike miles was nailed down in two giant back-to-back rides.


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