Blob Lang Syne 2013

Should all goal-setting be forgot, and never brought to mind?  Should all goal-setting be forgot, reprise for blob lang syne.

Although about half of the Bloblessness Project 2013 fell to shambles, the goals themselves were good.  Things were chugging along swimmingly (ha — April.), until mid-summer when my non-training life took a series of wonderful turns.

Since last we spoke, this happened:


Then this happened:


And since then, it’s been mostly a lot of this.

Now that all that’s settled down a bit, and we’re here at the top of another promising year, it’s time to get back to the goals I didn’t manage to pull down in 2013.  It is my sincerest hope for you that you failed as many of your 2013 goals as possible, not because miserly loves company and I’d feel better about missing out on my own goals, but because all goals are only worth one thing – and thats the satisfaction their achievement affords in our lives.  My hope for your missed goals is that you found such satisfaction in your life that you abandoned them all recklessly with joy and great abandon.  Here’s to another year of running trails paved with good intentions, PR’s dangling before us on the reachable low-branches, nutritious diets to fuel our many adventures, and lives rich enough to turn away from all that in favor of the things that truly matter.


JANUARY 30K (longest ever) 120 minute massage (longest ever) 120 minute foam roll (oh, hell no!)
FEBRUARY ATX 13.1 PR = 2:20:00 ATX 13.1 Jacket 13.1 every weekend until PR
MARCH 31-day Challenge New Lululemon Donate Lululemon
APRIL 20,000-meter Month New Swimsuit Post swimsuit photo
Photo with swag from each event. Volunteer time equivalent to skipped event
JUNE 40-mile Month
New Lululemon Donate Lululemon
JULY DIET Cheat Week Cleanse Week
AUGUST Intermediate Tri PR
NO required running or biking Olympic Bricks every weekend until PR
SEPTEMBER 70.3 The right to wear 70.3 gear.
(Oh, and bragging rights for-ev-er.)
Donate entry fee amount
OCTOBER 70.3 Matching kit. Donate entry fee amount
NOVEMBER 100-mile Month
New Cleats Spinning every day until 100-miles
DECEMBER 12 Days of Fitmas No required workouts through end of year Donate gift for every missed Day of Fitmas


  1. Darn that life for getting in the way. Looks like you did a decent job accomplishing many of your goals. “If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.” And amount to the same.

    Keep on goal setting, you can’t reach them all but having them to start with is sometimes that hardest part.

    And Congrats again!

    • Thanks! I’m going to have to remember that: “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Great call! That reminds me of: “Whether you think you can, or whether you think yoiu can’t — you’re right.” Thanks for the vote of confidence!

      Happy goal-setting AND achieving!

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