Maybe I Should Jog, Or Something

Has the excitement of New Year’s Resolutions worn off, yet?

Not at my gym, it hasn’t.  That place is packed with Resolutioners.  They’re on all the treadmills with direct sight lines to the TVs, they’re on all the spin bikes within the fan draft, they’re front-and-center approximately three-quarters of a beat off in Zumba, and their giggling, coughing, or silencing phones too late during yoga all clad in their super cute Christmas gifted workout attire.  (I’m not judging about the new workout attire part.  I’m just jealous.  There’s a difference.)  They’ll eventually clear out off around tax time, but until then, that place is a madhouse of For-Reals-This-Timers.  After they miss a Tuesday spin class for a conference call that ran over, they’ll re-double their efforts the following week, only to be stymied by a friend back from out of ton calling for drinks.  By the third week they’ll be tired and have already missed two, so what’s one more.  It’s only a matter of time after that.

This is exactly why I had to quit making resolutions and start setting goals.  Resolutions tend to have some degree of totality to them.  They’re something you resolve to start (or stop) doing for-ev-er.  Like, you resolve to stop drinking soda.  Forever.  You resolve to start running, whenever you can — all the time if you could.  And not just for a few weeks.  Forever.  Not sustainable.  And there’s the built-in obsolescence of resolutions; once you fall off the wagon, you’re basically off the hook until the next new year.  At least with a goal, if you don’t get it by the deadline you set, you can just push the deadline out a little (rather than a whole year) and keep after it.)

And yet, I’m still just a For-Reals-This-Timer at heart.  I’m going to PR at the half marathon in February and not just out of luck.  I’m going to train well for the next month so that when I see those fans with their homemade signs that say “Trust Your Training,” I’ll feel encouraged and empowered instead of guilty and overwrought with anxiety.  I set up a training schedule that started Monday and made it to half the workouts.  Not a great start.  Of all the workouts, though, I did manage to show up for the harder ones, and felt pretty studly after a solid long run this weekend.  The plan is in place, now all I’ve got to do is work it.  That is, maybe I should get my Chritsmas-gifted gear on and go jog, or something.



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