One Step Forward, Two Bites Back

Ok, talking about it like it was two bites is grossly (that’s guh-ross-ly) underestimating.  It’s not that today was totally obscene, some good was done.  But over here, I’ve got to take the good with the if-it’s-bad-I-don’t-wanna-be-good.  

The good was accepting the invite to a 90-minute yoga workshop to kick-off the Digital 40 Days, which starts next week. Getting a jump on the takedown of 2014 Bloblessness Goal No. 1 feels great.  Much better from my desk than I’m sure it will in minute 80 on Saturday afternoon.  But still.

The bad, though, was that there were bucket-sized cupcakes at the office this morning, which seemed — until the 2:45 sugar crash — like an ideal proxy for both breakfast and lunch.  (Don’t freak.  That’s one bucket-sized cupcake standing in for two meals.  Not the most nutritious fueling decision I’ve ever made, but a far cry better than, as Jim Gaffigan puts it: One for breakfast, one for lunch, and dead by dinner!)

Let’s chalk this one up to good balance, right?  Somewhere between there not being light without dark and there being no good deed left unpunished lies the profundity of schnarfing through a bucket-cake while signing up for 90 minutes of power vinyasa.  Behold:

Credit: Wikipedia Open Source with SOME editing.
Credit: Wikipedia Open Source with SOME editing.

Blobservations of your own?

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