I’m a loner, not a joiner.

I did a running group once.  As soon as we hit our first goal, I was done.  It’s too bad, that one.  I met some genuinely lovely and motivating folks.  But it wasn’t them; it was me.  They all worked different schedules, ran different paces, and trained for different races.  They could still somehow overcome all that and — just once a week — meet for a mid-distance mid-paced run followed by a quick restorative smoothie and chat session.  Sounded so fun.  I envied them.

Credit: Lululemon 6th and Lamar with SOME editing
Credit: Lululemon 6th and Lamar with SOME editing

Once time I was invited to join an all women’s riding group.  Even though I didn’t really know anyone in the group, I knew exactly who they were.  They had matching uniforms (denoting the Cool Girls since the dawn of time) and they rode their priceless carbon ponies screaming-fast through the morning commute on weekdays, winning triathlons, and out flattening the hill country on Saturday mornings. I didn’t even politely smile and nod at that invitation — they were WAY to good.

Jacked from:‎ with SOME editing
Jacked from:‎ with SOME editing

I finally joined a triathlon club last season and sported my matching uniform on shop rides and in races.  I enjoyed team events, newsletters, and other perks,  but never attended any group workouts.  No way.If they saw how slow I wa, they might take away my matching outfit (and what’s next — ouster from the cafeteria table at lunch?  I couldn’t.)

Jacked From: Cap Tex Tri with SOME editing
Jacked From: Cap Tex Tri with SOME editing

Now for the first time I’ve fallen in with some non-blobs for regular weekly training. Some folks from work ride twice a week outside during daylight savings.  During the Dark Times they hit twice weekly spin classes.  Even one of my closest non-blob non-triathlon buddies makes it a regular date.  We know our teacher and he knows us.  We check in each week – “See you at spinning?”  And it’s actually growing into one of my preferred parts of training.  Gives us all a time to catch up with each other, gives us some extra common ground, and gives us all an extra boot in the blob to actually make those mid-week workouts happen.  I’m finally coming around to the idea of workout partners as motivators.

And we don’t even have matching outfits.


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