Put the Play Back in My List

My RACEDAY PLAYLIST is officially played-out.

Jacked From: Eline Turnigan via Pinterest
Jacked From: Eline Terlingen via Pinterest

It’s dire, as usual, because I’m racing on Sunday.  Looking back, I’ve issued this exact plea this same time of year for the past two years.  Something about trying to push for PR in February dredges up the need for hot new jams.  I still love the playlist that got me a PR last year and fired me up through countless thirty-milers on the bike last fall (Yeah, I listen to the ipod on bike rides.  It’s irresponsible, unsafe, and infuriating to you self-righteous drivers out there.  Come and get me.), but I’ve heard it during so many runs and rides that I somehow re-suffer through old hills and heat waves just hearing the songs that got me over those hurdles last year.

Help me out by recommending the musts from your running playlists in the comments, below. 

Jacked From: Mikal Du Preez via Pinterest
Jacked From: Mikal Du Preez via Pinterest

And don’t be reticent about your recommendations; let your freak flags fly and rest assured that my taste is terrible.  There’s nothing you could suggest that would elicit derision from me.  I know you’ve all been on these long runs and needed a song to get your knees, chins, and mouth corners up.  Hook me up, help me out, pass ’em along.  Two and a half hours is a lot of music and, as you distance runners know, every little bit helps. 


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