Brass Tacks: 3M Half Marathon

Total time: 2:22:54.87
(Goal 2:10:00)
(2013 2:17:35 PR)

Average pace: 10:55/M
(Goal 10:00/M)
(2013 10:29/M)

Division Place: 339/471 28th Percentile
(Goal: Top 50%)
(2013 305 out of 506 (40th Percentile))

Gender Place: 1802/2644 32d Percentile
(Goal: Top 50%)
(2013 1616 out of 2891 (44th Percentile))


Not my best pace or total time; getting passed up by the 2:20 pace group in mile 8 after leading them with pride through almost 2/3 of the race; and the mental wall I hit around mile 10.


Realizing later that this wasn’t my worst race ever (or even really ALL that far off from my standard pacing); miles 1-6 knocked down like they were nothing (and feeling like that’s kind of something); feeling much healthier and less-injured than I did after last year’s race.

Jacked From: via Pinterest
Jacked From: via Pinterest

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