The Bridge to Sufferlandria

I can’t believe I’m getting myself into this.  

Jacked From:
Jacked From:

I first met The Sufferfest a few years back when I’d been going to spinning classes for about a year.  I’d built enough confidence to spin on my own without an instructor, but hadn’t become massochistic enough to attempt an indoor workout of any decent length or intensity without an audio trainer.  Having been an avid acolyte of the Nike running instructor albums, I set out in search of something similar for spinning.

Sufferlandrians know I found more.

The Sufferfest was initially for me just a video podcast that paired rhythmic jams with perfectly times video cuts between uphill hammer-ons and down-hill knuckle whiteners.  It made indoor training as thrilling as it was ever going to be.  After a while, though, the podcast I loved stopped updating, and the parent site boasted a semmingly-endless “Coming Soon” report.  What happened?  Where were the Sufferlandriand?

Sufferlandria, that’s where.

Jacked From:
Jacked From:

The Sufferfest put out it’s 2014 Tour of Sufferlandria (TOS): Nine punishing legs to be completed over nine days in the run-up to road season.  Some critics I’ve seen (and by “critics” I obviously mean web trolls) deride the TOS for destroying riders right before the season.  Since I’m not a competitive road rider, this means nothing to me.  I’m just happy to have stumbled upon a lightning quick, hard-as-hell cycling challenge to help me make the final push through the end of indoor training season before I’m back out on the road.  (That’s right, cold-clime cyclists, girly pink-biked Texans are comfortably back on the road in February.  Eat your heart out.)

Jacked From:
Jacked From:

The Tour started this weekend and runs through next weekend, which also happens to coincide with the halfway-point for the first Bloblessness Goal: Baptiste’s 40 Days.  I’m expecting some major insight to befall me on 2/2 as I complete the Tour of Sufferlandria, riding steep alpaca trails up the D40D mountain to the mid-way base camp.  Maybe I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

Or maybe I just like to suffer.



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