Brass Tacks: Tour of Sufferlandria 2014

So much suffering, whining, pedaling, sniveling, gnashing of teeth, and chafe. And still so much left to do!

Total number of rides: 4/9 (45%) (Goal 9/9 100%)
Total time: 06:20 (Goal 12:01)

Bold – Completed

Italics – Left to be done

Stage 1 (25th Jan): Rubber Glove
Stage 2 (26th27th): ISLAGIATT
Stage 3 (27th3rd): Revolver
Stage 4 (28th29th): Hell Hath No Fury
Stage 5 (29th5th): Extra Shot + The Wretched
Stage 6 (30th9th): AVDP
Stage 7 (31st1st): Angels + The Hunted
Stage 8 (1st): Blender
Stage 9: (2nd): Violator

Lows: Getting a DNF; completing less than half the number of rides; having to leave my brand new toy out in the country where it can enjoy a better life; and most of all the stress, anxiety, and constant renegotiation it was taking to get all nine rides done in nine days.

These workouts were taking over my life.
These workouts were taking over my life.

This spinning challenge would have been insane under even normal circumstances. Adding it to the a worse-than-usual month-end at my job, rare but converging demands of family and friends, and the 40 Day Yoga Challenge that was already going on proved to be just too much. Between lunch breaks and late nights, I was starting to co-opt every free minute for spinning. Or yoga. Or wasn’t I supposed to be training for a run somewhere in there, too?

Highs: Making sure the rides I did complete were the hardest and/or longest of the tour; committing to get as many rides done as possible, even after it became obvious that I was not going to meet this challenge; getting a new toy (that I’ll hopefully eventually get to use); and feeling like a complete and total badass after each workout.

Jacked From: via Pinterest
Jacked From: via Pinterest


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