Brass Tacks: Austin Half Marathon 2014

Total Time: 2:27:51 (2013 2:18:16) (Course PR 2:20:12) (PR 2:17:35)

Average Pace: 11:17/M (2013 10:33/M) (Goal 10:00/M) (PR 10:29)

Division (Age Group) Place: 602/984 (39th percentile) (2013 496/979 49th Percentile) (Goal: Top 50%)

Overall Place: 6024/9328 (36th Percentile) (Goal: Top 50%)


Lows: Miles 9-12 (that damned double hill stymies me year after year); The humidity (don’t be mislead about this being files under “Lows,” it was high, and that was a low); Worst blisters and toe damage I’ve ever suffered (saved you the pics. Could sure go for a refund on my Valentine’s Day pedi — what a waste); and of course not getting the PR (or even in the neighborhood of my better times).


Highs: Awesome 100m sprint to the finish (at least keeping up appearances); adding to my Austin medal collection; and recovering with a House of Cards binge.



Blobservations of your own?

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